Install Drop-a-Deal on Shopify

Add Drop-a-Deal to your Shopify theme.

Step 1: Copy your Drop-a-Deal Script

Open the Setup > Subscriptions menu and click on the Script option.

Copy the script from the "Add this script to your website" section.

Step 2: Paste the script on your Shopify theme

Log into your Shopify account and click Online Store.

On your theme, click Actions and select Edit code.

Click theme.liquid.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and past the Drop-a-Deal Script just before the </body> tag.

Click Save.


Drop-a-Deal is now ready to rock on your store :)

Tracking Extra Sales from your Shopify Store (optional)

Step 1: Get your Webhook Url

You can easily configure Shopify to send a webhook to Drop-a-Deal to track sales conversions.

From the Dashboard, click on Setup > Integrations and expand the Shopify Webhook URL section.

Copy your Webhook URL.

Step 2: Connect to Shopify

Log into your Shopify admin account and click Settings in the bottom left of the screen.

Select Notifications.

Scroll down to the Webhooks section, and click Create Webhook.

Select Order Creation as the Event, and JSON as the Format.
Paste your Drop-a-Deal Script and click Save Webhook.


Congratulations! You installed Drop-a-Deal; now you can launch your first Campaign.

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