Let's create your first campaign.

1) Choose a template

From the Dashboard, click on "Campaigns" on the main menu to open the template wizard.
Choose the "Starter" template if you want to start from scratch, otherwise pick a ready-to-use template that fits your marketing goal.

2) Customize your Campaign

  • Configure the sign-up form to collect the desired opt-in fields
  • If needed, fine tune colors and fonts to match your brand's style
  • (optional) Add a catchy title and short description

3) Choose a discount code from Shopify

Click on the Campaign tab, then on the icon, and enter the master discount code you want to use to generate random coupons for your customers.

6) Save and Enable the Campaign.

Almost done!

Click on the green "SAVE" button at the top of the page to save the campaign.

The widget should appear on your site immediately for a Quick Countdown campaign, or according to the start date and timezone for a Scheduled Campaign.


Congratulations! You created your first campaign.

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