Setup Mailchimp

1) Get your API KEY from MailChimp

- Log in to your MailChimp account
- Click on your avatar, then on ACCOUNT
- Locate the Extras menu and click on "API Keys"
- Copy your API Key

2) Open the Integrations Menu on Drop-a-Deal

- Log in to the Dashboard
- Expand the Mailchimp section and click SETUP

3) Paste the API Key

Paste the API Key previously copied from your Mailchimp Admin and select a list.

4) Enable the integration on your campaign.

- Open the campaign you want to connect to Mailchimp
- click on the Advanced tab
- set the "Export collected e-mails" dropdown to "Mailchimp"
- click on the green "SAVE" button


Great! Mailchimp is now ready to receive the e-mails collected from Drop-a-Deal.

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