Connect Omnisend

1) Get your API KEY from Omnisend

- Log in to your Omnisend account
- Click on the profile on the top right of the screen, then on Store Settings
- Locate the Integrations & API section, and click on API Keys
- Click on Create API Key
- Enter a name for the API key and click SAVE
- Copy the Api Key

2) Open the Integrations Menu on Drop-a-Deal

- Log in to the Dashboard
- Expand the Omnisend section and click SETUP

- Paste the Api Key previously copied and click SAVE.

4) Assign the integration to the campaign(s)

Almost done!

Edit the campaign(s) you want to connect Omnisend,
open Advanced settings tab and select Omnisend from the dropdown.


Great! Omnisend is now ready to receive the e-mails collected from Drop-a-Deal.

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